recycling things around the office
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recycling things around the office

What do you do with all of those ink toner cartridges that your office uses each day? How about all of the paper that is tossed out after being looked at for just a few seconds? Now, what do you do with all of the dead batteries from different gadgets around the office? I created this blog to help other businesses find methods of recycling the many recyclable materials that come in and out of the office in a day. It is my hope that knowing what can be done with these things will help keep them out of the landfill.


recycling things around the office

4 Computer Recycling Tips To Help You Get Ready To Update The Equipment Of Your Business

Micheal Wagner

If you want your business to have environmentally friendly and green policies, it is important to do things like recycle. When you get ready to replace computers, electronics, and IT equipment, you want to recycle them. Before you recycle the computer and IT equipment to update your business, the following tips will help you make the right decisions:

1. Decide on What Equipment Is Outdated and Needs to Be Recycled for IT Upgrades

There is a lot of different equipment that can be updated, when replacing computers and other IT systems. Before you start with upgrades, you will want to determine what computer systems and electronics are outdated and need to be replaced. These will be the materials that you want to replace when doing upgrades to your business.

2. Remove the Equipment That Is Going to Be Recycled When Updating Your Business

Once you have decided on what you will be replaced when doing upgrades to your business, you will want to remove the computers, routers, servers, and other IT equipment. If you are updating the speed of the network, you will also want to remove equipment like switches and outdated CAT5 LAN wiring.

3. Erase the Data That Is Stored on Business Computers and IT Equipment

With business computers and IT equipment, there is also a lot of sensitive data that you do not want on hard drives and memory components. Therefore, it is a good idea to erase the data and make sure that it has all been destroyed. This is why it is a good idea to hire a professional computer recycling service to ensure data is destroyed and cannot be recovered from the equipment that you are upgrading.

4. Update and Recycle Old IT Network Wiring to Complete the Upgrades to Your Business

When you are updating computers and the IT equipment of your business, you also want to consider network speed. Today, there are options to update the network of your business with gigabyte speeds, which will require replacing routers, switches, and wiring. These are all materials that can be recycled with the computer equipment that you are replacing, when doing upgrades to your business. Removing and stripping network wiring is a great way to recover cash when doing upgrades to computers and IT networks. 

If you want to update the computers and IT equipment of your business, these tips will help you prepare for the project. Contact a computer recycling service for help with recycling your equipment before updating your business.