recycling things around the office
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recycling things around the office

What do you do with all of those ink toner cartridges that your office uses each day? How about all of the paper that is tossed out after being looked at for just a few seconds? Now, what do you do with all of the dead batteries from different gadgets around the office? I created this blog to help other businesses find methods of recycling the many recyclable materials that come in and out of the office in a day. It is my hope that knowing what can be done with these things will help keep them out of the landfill.

recycling things around the office

Advice When Working With An Aluminum Recycling Center

Micheal Wagner

If you've collected a bunch of aluminum to scrap for money, then you'll end up working with an aluminum recycling center. You can make sure this experience remains stress-free if you take a couple of measures.

See What Specific Aluminum Materials Are Acceptable

An aluminum recycling center will take a lot of different materials for the most part, but you still want to find out exactly what aluminum types are acceptable. Then you can organize your scrap pile accordingly to make sure only approved materials are in it.

You might be able to recycle things like aluminum sheet, cast aluminum, aluminum wire, and aluminum rims. The recycling center will have a list for you to check prior to visiting them in person, which helps you get your aluminum scrap piles ready for this recycling process. That can save you a lot of time.

Make Sure You Get Top Prices

If you do care about the amount of money you receive when recycling aluminum materials, then you need to find a recycling center that's willing to pay top rates for what you're giving them. For this, make sure you assess all rates from recycling centers in the area.

Again, they should have aluminum rates listed on their website, so that you don't just find out what they are when you show up in person. Once you see how each aluminum type is priced, you can get accurate pricing by taking into account the specific scrap you plan on recycling. Then you'll know if you're getting a top price or not from each center. 

Take Measures That Help the Center Out

If you plan on working with an aluminum recycling center for the foreseeable future, then it's a good idea to make their lives easier in key ways. Then you'll develop a better relationship with them and that can pay off in several ways, such as getting better rates for aluminum scrap.

One of the best things you could do for them is to organize your scrap aluminum by type. That will save them from having to do this. You might also write down quantity totals so that the center can give you accurate rates right off the bat after a quick examination.

Recycling aluminum materials won't be that hard if you find the right recycling center to work with and do the right things throughout this recycling process. Ample preparation like this will fast-track aluminum recycling.